Friday, 2 January 2015

Keep On Learning English Language.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Hi there, for this entry, I decided to write one something that really taboo. Well, at least some people might think its taboo, some not. 

Do you know that in the year 2016, English subject is a compulsory subject to pass with minimum E result to pass. This implementation was taken because of every year the percentage of SPM students failed in English paper is ridiculous. The Deputy Prime Minister, who is also the Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Yassin said that 20% of the overall candidates of SPM failed the English paper. Imagine that, 20%? It is like out of 10 candidates, 2 candidates failed the English paper.

It seemed not many, but they surely need helps to improve their English. They need to improve, otherwise, if we see at the bigger scope, these students who failed in English might have some troubles with their job hunting and also, to further their studies.

Imagine that if they managed to get to Form Six or take Diploma? What would they do? Yes, people might say,

"well, they can learn it there (Form Six or Diploma), they will".

Well, as far I am concerned, these need supports! The reason why? We do not have the same background and the same educational background. For example, I myself, I come from a very rural village which none English speaking environment and I hardly see someone talk in English in my village, but I manage to survive that and gladly took Bachelor of English with Communication (Hons) from local university? I have my own story, I will write it later, in details.

What I am trying to say is, supports is needed to improve. To actually use Second Language (English language) as the medium in daily conversation is quite impossible in none English speaking environment, but with great support, nothing is impossible, right? All we need is supports.

I too had my very own problems during those days, just because I was very new to the surroundings, I tend to isolate myself just because I had my problem with English language. As time goes by, I came to realise that running is not the way to improve, I have to get myself together and face the cruel truth. So, I faced it, I learned from my bestfriends about English grammar and alhamdulillah, everything went well. I now be able to write in English, ever talk, converse using English language. Hows that? I learned from the best. Surely. 

To be honest, I learned proper English grammar when I was in 2nd semester and alhamdulillah, it builds from there and now, still, I am learning English grammar. I have with me always, English grammar book, not the fancy ones but the basic ones. I love learning it. Haha...

Learning process is not a one period process. It is actually a continuous process which is very long and needs the maximum focus. Learning is not easy, but you need to be smart to learn.

There you go, I will try my best to focus back with English grammar back in this blog and together we will learn English grammar, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Keep on learning. Nothing going to stop you from learning but yourself.

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