Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Jungle Book : Synopsis.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Hi everyone, good morning. In the last entry, *well, a few back actually, I did write a little bit about The Jungle Book, the Contemporary English Literature For Primary School Year 4. CLICK HERE. As for this entry, I will write more on the same book but more to the Synopsis.

There are 5 chapters in the book.

Chapter One    :  Mowgli's Brothers
Chapter Two    :  Kaa's Hunting
Chapter Three :  The Red Flower
Chapter Four   :  Tiger, Tiger
Chapter Five   :   Red Dog

Now, we will go by chapter.

As for Chapter One : Mowgli's Brother, the author told about the characters and the author showed that how Mowgli's ended up with Akeela (Wolf). The author also showed how Mowgli was saved from Shere Khan (Tiger), who also has killed Mowgli's parents. Here the author already showed the reader about the conflict, even though it is the beginning of the story but as we all know,*after reading the book, the first conflict started when Shere Khan killed the human's cow. So, it showed that Shere Khan was no satistified with cows, he started killing human and they were Mowgli's parents.

For Chapter Two : Kaa's Hunting. Mowgli has become a teenage boy who have been equipped with many skills. He was taught by Bagheera, Baloo and also Akela. They also taught Mowgli about the laws of the jungle. In the second chapter, Mowgli was snatched by a group of bad monkeys. Then, Bagheera (Panther) and Baloo (Big Bear) asked a rock snake called Kaa. The monkeys were terrified with Kaa, maybe because the monkeys were Kaa's meals for breakfast, lunch and also dinner.

For Chapter Three : The Red Flower. As for the chapter three, it started with a sad beginning when the Father Wolf died and Akela is getting old. Mowgli is now hunting for Akela's meals. Shere Khan is still wants to kill Mowgli. He has influenced the younger wolves to follow him and also questioned the existence of Mowgli in the pack. Shere said that Mowgli is a human and not wolf. Bagheera urged Mowgli to save his life and go away from the forest, but Mowgli declined. He wanted to stay, then, Bagheera told him about the Red Flower (fire). He said that it can be used to scare off Shere Khan. Mowgli went to the border of the village and saw a young girl carrying the 'red flower'. He took the 'red flower' and scared Shere Khan off with that, then he asked the pack about Akela should lead the pack. Unfortunately, the younger wolves were too influenced by Shere Khan's ideology. Mowgli existence was declined and he with broken-hearted went a new village.

As for Chapter Four : Tiger, Tiger. a woman named Messua recognised Mowgli and he was her lost son. She thought that he was killed by the tiger a long with his husband. She cleaned him up and put on clean clothes. Mowgli tried to fit in with his new life but he had trouble trying to find the rhythm. One day, he was given a job which was to bring the buffalo out to graze the grass. Then, the met with his old family, the wolves. Little did they know that Shere Khan was already at the village and he wanted to kill Mowgli. But then, Mowgli and the wolves has planned to trapped Shere Khan and he was killed but the trampled of the buffaloes. Then Mowgli skinned Shere and he brought the hides to show the villagers about the news and he thought that they would be very happy to see him, little did he know that they did not want Mowgli to live with them. Then Messua asked Mowgli to run away, if not he will be killed by the villagers. He went back to the forest. 

The last chapter was the climax of the book. Chapter Five : Red Dog. Mowgli was not living with the wolves pack but then he was living alone. Sometimes, he hunted with his wolf-brothers, Bagheera, and Baloo. After a few years, Mowgli has grown into a strong young man. Then, the jungle was threatened by a pack of red dogs. Won-tola, a wounded wolf, was attacked by dholes, the red dogs. They were known as the bad dogs. They worse compared to Shere Khan. Kaa helped Mowgli with a great idea but it involved the Little People (Wasps). The Little People can easily kill anybody who came to threat them. After a few days, Mowgli lured the dholes to the little people's place. The place of death. He taunted the dholes and in one incident, he cut the leader's tail as a warning to not to come to their jungle. As planned, Mowglie brought the dholes to a place where the wolves, Bagheera, Baloo, and Akela have been waiting, then, they stroked. They fought all night long and then all of the dholes were killed. Akela, the old wolf was terribly hurt. After a few words said to Mowgli, he died. They were mourning by howling to the sky. Before the chapter ends, Mowgli had a little though about what Akela has said to him, "You will leave the jungle, You will drive yourself out". Mowgli might have thought such thought, but today was not the day. He will stay as long as his pack needs him.

So, that is all for the synopsis. It might be too long but since, the story was beautifully animated, the pictures really helped the readers to think creatively.

Happy reading guy.

I will write more, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: This was quite simple compared the animate Mowgli we saw on film.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

I Will Keep On Writing.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Hi everyone, first of all, I would love to say thank you for your comment and for one particular comment, it said that my post has a lot of grammar mistakes. Well, thank you again for the comment.

Secondly, English is my second language. Yes, some said that even though it's just second language, it does not mean that I have to commit such mistakes. I am here not trying to stand for my mistakes, no. I really want to let people know that, mistakes can be corrected but guide me please.

I am not a perfect human being, but it does not mean that I need stop writing after such comment. NO. I will continue my writing and hopefully everything is going to be a lot better. 

Thirdly, I have several posts that I need to write due to some demands. Yes, they asked me to write about several themes, and whatnot. So! Yasss...

I have tried to make it as formal as I can but it seems that formality is not just my thing, I guessed.

Lastly, yes, I will keep writing and thank you for that comment, I will keep reading and practising my grammar.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Love.

Monday, 20 March 2017

MUET : My Experiences.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Last 11th March 2017, I went to SMK Bentong to sit for Malaysian University English Test (MUET) March 2017. 

The papers were Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Listening. It was my first time after 2012 format. I went to my teacher, to ask about the format and it quite enlightening moment when I found out that most of the format changes were in all of these three papers. To be honest, I was quite scared of the papers because I have not had any practices with Listening and Writing. I did a bit on Reading Comprehension but not so much of other two papers. 

For the first paper, Reading Comprehension, there were 6 passages with total of 45 questions. Question 1 to 29, the choices of answers are A,B, and C and for Question 30 to 45, the choices of answers are A,B,C, and D. We were given 90 minutes to answer all the questions. There are simple questions with simple answers and there are tricky questions with quite tricky answers. But, I managed to answer all the question and I really hope that I can get near to full marks which is 120 marks. If I can get 100 marks, that would be so amazing already.

For the second paper, it was Writing. We were given 90 minutes as well to answer all the question. In writing, there are TWO section which are Question 1 and Question 2. For Question 1, we were asked to write a REPORT with 150 to 200 words. The format for the report is simple where we just have to state the information given in the given charts and numbers. 40 marks is allocated for Question 1. For Question 2, we were asked to write a passage with AT LEAST 350 words. To me, it was quite challenging because due the fact that I haven't had any recent practice on Writing a long passage, I really need to focus more on not making mistakes in explaining my points. For this paper, the full marks is 90. If I can get up to 80 marks, I would be very happy.

For that last paper, it was Listening. We were given 30 minutes to listen to text and answer the questions. To be honest, I was quite afraid of this paper. Reason? I did not have ANY practice. I just listen to songs and talk shows WITHOUT looking at the subtitles. I think it worked. The format for Listening has simplified the paper itself to the extend of almost a free marks paper for candidates to excel in MUET. So, take advantage of that. For Listening, the full marks is 45 marks. It I were to get 40 marks or full marks, 45, it would so nice. Haha...

So, that is all for now. I will share with you more on how to answer the each paper effectively. 

That is all, thank you.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Get ready to register for May session 2017. Buy the Pin guys.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Student's Edition.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

How do you do my dear readers?

Hi everyone, I would love to share with you about this book entitled The Jungle Book, Student's Edition by Rudyard Kipling. This book is the textbook for Year 4 Contemporary English Literature For Primary School. 

I just read this book and to be honest, the illustration by Gerardo Sandoval is amazing. It really helps the pupils to read and be creative. The illustration is amazing. I love it. It helps the learning process. Lovely.

Now, it is mentioned by the Ministry of Education that the pupils need to have Higher Order Thinking Skills ( HOTS ). Well, these pupils need to learn more on how to think like that. To  be honest, the expectation is quite high for rural area students. We need to have more classes to help these pupils. We need to work more on that.

As for now, I will write on Literature elements.


Shere Khan

A matured old tiger who have killed Mowgli's parents and left Mowgli alone in the jungle. Trying to kill Mowgli but saved by Akela.


A boy who parents killed by Shere Khan. Saved by Akela, a wolves-pack leader and raised him to be a good man. 


A matured old wolf. A wolves-pack leader, who raised Mowgli as his own and saved him from Shere Khan the Tiger. Love Mowgli very much.


A black panther, friend of Akela and also helped Mowgli to be a good man.


A grown snake who always helped Mowgli in helping other animals.


A full grown grizzly bear, who loved Mowgli very much. 


In a jungle in India, near to a village.

Next time, I will write more on other things such as how to explain the answers, and there are several questions that I would love to ask and explain them too. 

So, that is all for now.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: It is a good story, though.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Assalamualaikum WBT,

How do you folks? It has been a rough week for me last week. It was tiring and I am drained to my last energy. All the hectic schedule really affecting my performance. Tiring indeed.

Now, I am going to write about the incident happened to me last week *obviously.

Here is the chronology.

12/02/2017 (SUNDAY)

In the morning of 12 February, it was great day but unfortunately, my feet were not. As you all already knew that I have gout. It stroked me for quite good hours. I really thought I would recover after taking painkillers, but it really did not. I had to suffer from it for the next day.

13/02/2017 (MONDAY)

The morning of my Speaking 800/2 MUET examination. I studied the night before the exam and I had several points remembered to make the test smooth sailing. Now, due the fact that I did not be able to walk to the school *not really walking, but I need to drive myself to the school, I was ready to move on from the exam. Meaning, I was ready to move on and take it again on May session. 

14/02/2017 (TUESDAY)

I tweeted English Jer on Twitter because he is good English moderator and he knows things too. So, I asked him and he said that I need to ring the Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia to ask about it. I rang them and got answered by the person in-charged. He said that I need to email to the MPM using, along with FORMAL LETTER with concrete reason for not be able to attend the exam. Now, I wrote that I have gout and alhamdulillah, praise Allah, they accepted my email and they gave me a new date for the speaking test.

15/02/2017 (WEDNESDAY)

I studied more on Speaking with pointers given by my teacher. Thank you teacher Junaidah. You helped me a lot.

16/02/2017 (THURSDAY)

The day of exam. Before that, I went to my Uncle's house in Bentong *because the exam was in Bentong, SMK Sulaiman. I had a sleepover. In that morning, after (LAST NIGHT) I went to do hijama aka cupping (bekam) at Janda Baik, my gout got a lot better. At 10.00 am, I went to SMK Sulaiman and waited at the Quarantine Room. There were two more people who had trouble like me. They too had trouble attending the examination. One was from Rawang and another was from Shah Alam, originally from Perak. YES! PERAK and SELANGOR. And I am just an English tuition teacher from Raub. WOW. 

Now, at first, we were asked to put our signature on a three-piece of paper. Then, my name was not there. My number was 3028 and line up started at 3030. How 's that? Later, I asked the head of examiner and he took the letter that we have to bring along to the examination room. They accepted the letter and we were able to take the exam. *fuh! thanked God for that opportunity.

The two late comers and I were placed at the last session. Meaning, we had to wait for the non late comers to finish their session then us. Now, did I mention that it was like 5 years ago, I practiced my English language? YES. Fully. Fullstop. Haha... 

This is analysis of the 800/2 SPEAKING TEST.

The question was to explain about THE MOST INTERESTING job.


A: a career in music
B: a career in sports and recreational
C: a career in art and design
D: a career in Multimedia

For the task A, I was the Candidate B, so, I was assigned to give my opinion on a career in sports and recreational. It was quite tough to talk about something that you know nothing about. But, anyhow, the two minutes given used by me quite well. 

Then, the task B, where we need to interact with each other and give our opinions on the given topic. I let candidate A and C first because obviously, they agreed on my points which, I did not interested in agreeing.  Now, after they talk about agreeing with my points, well, I refused to agree with my point and I change my stance by agreeing with having a career in art and design. Art and Design to me have vast paths. Everything with art nowadays sells. Yes. So, I talk about quite a good amount of time and I really hope that I could score good marks for it.

So, that is all for last incident.

Moral of the story :

1. Do not give up.
2. Study hard.
3. Be natural.
4. Speak with ease (good choice of words)
5. Study hard to score for the next 3 other papers. *Listening, Reading Comprehension, and Writing *nervouse!!!)

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Waaahhhh

Monday, 6 February 2017

Terrified of WRITING!!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Hi everyone!

As you all know that I will be sitting for my MUET exam *Speaking Paper on 14th of February 2017 and it is more or less, a week from now ( or 7 days? ). I literally not that worry to speak up but I am a bit *NO! A LOT!, I am terrified with the fact that I have to write A LOT for WRITING PAPER.

I am terrified.

It has been a while since I write with my hands. *OVERNESS. All these days, I am using laptop to actually write things and to write BACK using my hands, it would be so awkward. TRUST ME!

So, solution?

I have been practising writing using my hand *I am a lefthander and it is not good. My writing is like small, little, tiny, tape worm which should not be seen by human. PERIOD! Ok?

I do not know what to do, and I am afraid I have to write more than everyone could have imagine I could. Haha.. IDK.


Assalamualaikum WBT

p/S: Need to work on my sentences too. Its too laymen. Haha...

Monday, 16 January 2017


Assalamualaikum WBT,

Goood evening to all readers.

I am so sorry for these past four months for not posting any post. I am so sorry.

Now, InsyaaAllah, I will try one more time to write as many as I possibly can. Things really got to me. I even did not have time to write my other blog.

Anyway, I have registered for Malaysian University English Test (MUET) exam last first week of January and I will be taking the first exam which is speaking on 13 February 2017 at SMK Sulaiman, Bentong. InsyaaAllah, I will do my very best to get better marks. My last MUET exam was in 2012 and I took it with my bestfriend, Fauzan and Angah and some other friends too. Fauzan got Band 5, Angah and I got Band 4. So, we have improved ourselves actually.

Now, since it was 5 years already, I want to retake MUET exam and try my hardest to make improvements. I really do want that Band 6. As far as I am concerned, the one person I know managed to get Band 6 was Dean Yeo and he is now is Lecturer in UNIMAS. Great person he is.

I will be going to my old school to get pointers from my F6 teacher, I really hope she can help with the new format. 2012 was long ago my friends, and now is 2017. It is a 5-year distance. Things changed for the better, I guessed. Haha..

My friends asked about why do I want to retake MUET, for what, they asked me. Well, actually, I really want to grab that Band 6! I really do. I REALLY DO! I want that and I will get that, if not Band 6, I will settle for Band 5. Hehe... I will work hard for that, I even bought a new MUET text book. hihuuu...

Anyway, I will be writing a few pointers too about MUET and to those who have other information about MUET, please, email me at , I would love to hear it from you too.

Assalamualaikum WBT and good evening.

p/s: I think, I have lost my speaking skills. hahaha.. I mean, English speaking skills.