Monday, 5 January 2015

EEP 2011 : My Personal Experience.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

As promised, I will at least write ONE entry per day in English as a medium to improve my English language. Now, I have a story that I would love for you to know about.

In the year 2011, when I was in the university, we had a programme called English Enhancement Programme and it was conducted by the Faculty of Languages and Communication. As far as I am concerned, the faculty team *the first team, lecturers were very committed with the programme because they were sacrificing their times to ensure that the participants have the best time learning English language.

Then, they conducted this one Training of Trainers where they selected the Bachelor of English students as facilitators for this programme. It was great fun, the activity itself was amazing. You know, when you have the passion and you are willing to learn, you will not have enough time to think about what is not good for you, instead, you will just go with it. Well, I felt that, I enjoyed the activity and everything was great.

Then, we were back to the university where we have to share our knowledge and experiences with the participants. We were very eager to share what we have done. Yes. We also sacrificed our times to actually conduct this activity. I was chosen to become the head of facilitator for an activity called English Lounge, where, basically its all about speaking and interacting with each other.

At the first week, we received great feedback from the participants who came to our activity. They enjoyed the activity as a whole and somehow, they have a little faith in themselves in learning English language. Then, week two, week three, week four, the numbers of students were decreasing. Then, in the end of the programme, we only have ONE participant who came to the activity and we had to emerge to get the class going. We had too. 

I was not sure whether there was postmortem or what, I was not sure and I do not remember the postmortem programme. To be honest, this EEP programme was amazing! It is like the extra classes for English language. It was not burdening the students, no, it is just the mentality of the participants that made things worse. Now, let me tell you, most of the students who were selected to be in this programme were the ones who were weak in English proficiency and they had trouble with English language. We too are not as great as the native speakers at the beginning but we learned! and alhamdulillah, some of us are as near as the native speakers.

I myself had troubles with English language. Stroumble. Hehe, but as the time goes by, I improved myself just for the sake of learning. I learned. Passionately. So, for those who were doubting yourself, I advice would be, its good to doubt yourself but make sure that is not that long because doubting yourself for too long, its wrong. Okay? 

It is not that difficult in learning English language. All you need is love because when you love your learning, then nothing is impossible, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: sometimes, things are not going your way, but dont lose faith.

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