Saturday, 7 December 2013

All On The Line.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

How do you do guys and girls? I really hope everything is okay. Floods are everywhere now, so please, be careful because we do not what might happen. Please, okay?

Okay, last night, I got the chance to watch All On The Line by Joe Zee and for the last night's episode, Joe Zeef featured a quirky, talented designer, Andrea from Electic Love Light. To be honest, her designs are for specific interest group, if you watched it last night, *it was aired on Life Inspired LI Ch 728, if I am not mistaken. 

I am not going to talk about the things happened in the episode, but I rather have a thought on the implicit meaning behind all of that. 

Well, to open a business, we really need to think about EVERYTHING! yes, everything. I said it there. Everything is crucial. From talents, heart, guts to business plans, money, capital, and in fashion industry, it need, talents, fashions, creative eyes, creative hands, good thinking, emotions, drama, sewing machine, look book, business talents, PR, publicist, programme, sincere, and whatnot. You name it and you WILL HAVE to have it. Like, you must have it, otherwise everything that you have worked for is going to the drain, for sure.

Fashion itself is way too abstract to be explained about. Some love pink but some don't. I love green colour but it does not mean that you love green too right? It is that simple, that is why, some critiques are really doubtful because of the taste matter. But, when it comes to technicality, everyone can critic, but when it comes to matter of taste, its too abstract, its too subjective. Yes.

So, if you want to start a business, have a real deep thought of what you want to do and actually study yourself, market and economy. How far you can go and how far you are willing to go. Sometimes, questions are not constructed to be answered but you just need to think about and answer to yourself.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: proper planning is needed now.

Friday, 6 December 2013

My Celebrity Crush.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I have my new crush. hahaha... over celebrity.

Yes! Yes, oui..

He is Tom Hiddleston.

Thank you very much.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: kill me.

Entertainment is one of the best way to learn English.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I really want to thank Friso Gold commercial for featuring Bai Ann's song, The Incredible Journey because, today, I heard my nephew sings it to my ears today, and whenever the song comes out, they actually remember the melody and also the lyrics. 

So, congratulations to Friso Gold for doing great in the commercial.

I too have downloaded the amazing song from the internet and seriously, the song was soothing and yet very harmonious, I really love it.

It actually shows that, learning is at it best when it comes to music. I too learn *and still learning English language through music. Well, there are people learning English through games so, I could easily conclude that, learning languages (English) is at it best when it comes to entertainment. Obviously, people especially children love entertainment.

Since they were toddlers, most of the parents were singing them songs, then they bigger, the parents give them handphones, Ipads and what not to their children so that they could learn something from it. And when they managed to be able to tap on these touch screens gadgets, they are able to actually play something and most of the apps on the internet are in English, so, there you goes, my explanation is valid for present times. Haha...

But, those for children these days, but for me, I was not like that. I learned from books, tv, musics, lyrics *i even have lyric books, both Malay and English language. I just want to learn. That is all, I think, my passion is just English language. Why? I've tried to learn other languages, like Mandarin, French, German, but I just could not, but hey, nothing wrong with that right? hahaha..

So, that is all for now.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I definitely getting my groove back.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Temple Grandin is AMAZING!!!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Who have watched Temple Grandin?

If you did not yet, please, do so. Why? Why is it important to watch it? Some might questioned that too right? I too questioned that questions to myself , why?

Why? Do you want to know why? 

Because, this movie is actually based on true story. There is someone who named Temple Grandin and she has this autism and she had hard learning anything. You should watch it. I have watched it on Al-Hijrah and it was an inspiring movie. I love it so much and in shaa Allah, I will look for this movie somewhere. I really want to watch it again. Love it so much.

If you want to read her story, you might want to buy her books, but if you rely more on Wikipedia and the internet, you should click on this name. Temple Grandin. If you do not want to care about it, well, I guessed you have missed on amazing inspiring moment of your life. Why? You just need to read about her and somehow, to you it might, 

"Why the hell she was obsessed with cow?"

Trust me! you will find it amusing, Why? Because she invented one amazing great device to actually calm the cows before going into the lorry to the slaughter house. 

Yes, I am talking about both, movie and herself (Temple Grandin). Anyhow, you should just watch this very inspiring movie. I actually love watching this kind of movie, drama, based-on-true story movie, biopic, documentary, same goes to, this one movie, Blind Side, it is amazing!!! I love it.

I have nothing to talk about, I just want to watch it again. Just. Again. Temple Grandin.

Wait.. in 2012, I downloaded a short video of her, at Emmy or Gloden Globes *I don't remember which one, but when she got on the stage, she was, proud and really-really grateful to her mother. I just, ahhhh... overwhelmed with the spirit.

And btw, she has a Doctorate in Animal Science and she is a Professor at Colorado State University. Hows that?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: please Al-Hijrah TV, play it again.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Really? Really?

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I am listening to the Perhimpunan UMNO 2013 and I am so sorry, I have this feeling to uncertainty and uneasiness. Why? I personally think that the leaders in Malaysia from those years already, have this spirit where they want to try and try to BUILD EVERYTHING!  Yes, they want to apply everything but nothing worked, yes, there are a few concepts made it but not all.

I just, I do not know what to say, because to me, these politicians are just preachers. They talked, they preached, but do they really follow or realise what happened in Malaysia? With everything is expensive and they really want to apply things that really inappropriate? Well, a lot of things.

Sometimes, I wonder, 

"Did these people *leaders have been in bad situations?"

Meaning, do they have to do things, work to earn money. Yes, earn money, I am not talking about respect. I bet they did not right? They borne in rich families, families who have almost everything. I think, it is time, yes, it is time for us to think carefully. 

In the next General Election, make sure that they learn who actually the bosses. Okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: They are actually using Melayu, Islam to persuade the Malays, who left with them.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Finding My English Groove.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

After reading a few *tonnes of English Language articles, I have my groove back writing in English language. Its like, I have this feeling of writing in English is amazing. After a few months not consistently writing in English language, I was feeling, 

"hmmm.. what am I going to write today.." 

I ended up not writing any entry here and amazingly, it continuously done by for quite a few months, so, when I was reading a few English language articles, I was like... 

"well, I could write more in English, nope, nope I could, I must".

Well, now, here I am, writing in English again without a very long pause.

For those who actually read my blog, this blog not, the other blog, I am so honoured because you read my blog and to be honest, I love people read my blogs. Both of them, I appreciate it a lot, thank you.

I really want this kind of work space. Cute.
Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Its not easy darling to get the groove back.

Creative Talents.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Yes, sometimes I questioned myself, 

"Why the hell you have these creative thinking but you did not even try to use it?"

I asked. 
I did not have the answer for that, quite frankly speaking. I just do not know what to answer.

Yes, there are a few creative thinkings and actions that I have such as, sewing, cooking, drawing, colouring, gardening, arranging my stuff in my room *considered that too. But then, why the hell I am still here. I mean, not going anywhere with my talents?

I, again, do not have a concrete answer for that. I just do not know.

But, I am not looking for answers, but I do have several things that I want to tell you.

Being able to actually sew and be creative has taught me a few things. Yes, in everything that we do, we need to be very focus with the assigned work given to us or we wanted to do, but in sewing, dealing with sewing machine that really needed we to be more focus because we need to cut, sew, iron, its like, one step at a time. 

But then, one more thing, sewing is meticulous, very meticulous. We need to be very tough on judgment given by the people who see our dress or creation. On the construction sides of certain outfits, yes, we need to be very meticulous. The more difficult the outfits created or sewn, the more hours that we need to spend in order to get a very great outfit. Otherwise, it will not be great.

I do not know about the sewists who managed to sew great, amazing clothes at like 3 hours. To me, sewing is time consuming. Yes, why? As I explained before, to get great outfits, time is needed. Spend more time and make sure that the outcomes or the end products are amazing. That is all. 

Creative is actually very wide and cooking is one of the branches that give this wide creativity. There are steps we need to follow but then, when it comes to decorating the plate to show the final products, we are able to show our creativity in garnishing that plate. 

Well, to be honest, what ever it is in this world, creativity is needed. Yes, you know it right? 

Talking about sewing, fabric choices are crucial. We need to choose great fabrics in order to create great clothes, * put there in the great clothes elements. But here in Malaysia, based on my own experience, I have trouble in finding good men's clothes, I mean, manly fabric for men. Do you know what I meant there right?

Most of fabric shops in Malaysia sell fabrics for women and they have just a few limited selection for men. Yup, if I were live in big cities, I think there is no problem finding the men-fabrics but unfortunately, I am living in a village where fabric choices is actually not a choice because I can't choose fabrics for myself. 

I still remember, when I want to construct a vest, I have to use fabric for curtains. Yup, I personally do not care but it just shows how difficult I am in finding the fabrics, for myself. So, therefore, I choose to do women wear. Its just it.

Sometimes, I envy those people who are in Australia, USA where they have great, big, amazing *according to the pictures and my own readings, fabric shops or warehouses. Imagine that? How beautiful it is right? I could not imagine if I go there and have a fabric shopping day or something like that, I would be just amazing and I think I just could easily faint because I just do not know what to choose. Hahaha..

So, that is all for my creative bragging. See next time *which I myself do not know when. Haha..

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Well, I have another talent, writing. hehehe...

The Amazing Unsinkable Sam. *its a cat.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

We actually aware of animals were being used in war, since those days, animals were being used to attack and also to investigate one's enemy. 

Amazingly, most of the times, these animals died because of tonnes of reasons such as shot, bombed, killed, slaughtered. I recently read something about this one amazing animal. We also know that this animal is one of purrr-fect type of animal to be pet and it is still pet anywhere in the world.

So, there was one Nazi bad-ass feline, Oscar, Oskar, or Sam, these names refers to the same feline. It was told that this cat was a spy and a destroyer. Amazing? I am actually shocked and giggled when I read this statement. Sam was treated as one of the soldier. Amazing? Yes! I know.

It is actually unthinkable but it is the truth! Sam was born before 1941 but died in year 1955. Sam was cheated death for 3 FREAKING SUNK SHIP TIMES!!! I was purely think that it is unthinkable truth. I was like, what the hell happened to that cat? Why? Was he had wings? or Did he could easily breathe in the water or what? possible explanation was zero, none!

If you don't believe me, I invite you to read these two articles and you could search more for this Unsinkable Sam. Weird but great!

Well, read about it and if you think that its unthinkable like I do, just try not to think about it okay? haha..

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: pure nine lives cat. Sam.