Saturday, 18 February 2017


Assalamualaikum WBT,

How do you folks? It has been a rough week for me last week. It was tiring and I am drained to my last energy. All the hectic schedule really affecting my performance. Tiring indeed.

Now, I am going to write about the incident happened to me last week *obviously.

Here is the chronology.

12/02/2017 (SUNDAY)

In the morning of 12 February, it was great day but unfortunately, my feet were not. As you all already knew that I have gout. It stroked me for quite good hours. I really thought I would recover after taking painkillers, but it really did not. I had to suffer from it for the next day.

13/02/2017 (MONDAY)

The morning of my Speaking 800/2 MUET examination. I studied the night before the exam and I had several points remembered to make the test smooth sailing. Now, due the fact that I did not be able to walk to the school *not really walking, but I need to drive myself to the school, I was ready to move on from the exam. Meaning, I was ready to move on and take it again on May session. 

14/02/2017 (TUESDAY)

I tweeted English Jer on Twitter because he is good English moderator and he knows things too. So, I asked him and he said that I need to ring the Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia to ask about it. I rang them and got answered by the person in-charged. He said that I need to email to the MPM using, along with FORMAL LETTER with concrete reason for not be able to attend the exam. Now, I wrote that I have gout and alhamdulillah, praise Allah, they accepted my email and they gave me a new date for the speaking test.

15/02/2017 (WEDNESDAY)

I studied more on Speaking with pointers given by my teacher. Thank you teacher Junaidah. You helped me a lot.

16/02/2017 (THURSDAY)

The day of exam. Before that, I went to my Uncle's house in Bentong *because the exam was in Bentong, SMK Sulaiman. I had a sleepover. In that morning, after (LAST NIGHT) I went to do hijama aka cupping (bekam) at Janda Baik, my gout got a lot better. At 10.00 am, I went to SMK Sulaiman and waited at the Quarantine Room. There were two more people who had trouble like me. They too had trouble attending the examination. One was from Rawang and another was from Shah Alam, originally from Perak. YES! PERAK and SELANGOR. And I am just an English tuition teacher from Raub. WOW. 

Now, at first, we were asked to put our signature on a three-piece of paper. Then, my name was not there. My number was 3028 and line up started at 3030. How 's that? Later, I asked the head of examiner and he took the letter that we have to bring along to the examination room. They accepted the letter and we were able to take the exam. *fuh! thanked God for that opportunity.

The two late comers and I were placed at the last session. Meaning, we had to wait for the non late comers to finish their session then us. Now, did I mention that it was like 5 years ago, I practiced my English language? YES. Fully. Fullstop. Haha... 

This is analysis of the 800/2 SPEAKING TEST.

The question was to explain about THE MOST INTERESTING job.


A: a career in music
B: a career in sports and recreational
C: a career in art and design
D: a career in Multimedia

For the task A, I was the Candidate B, so, I was assigned to give my opinion on a career in sports and recreational. It was quite tough to talk about something that you know nothing about. But, anyhow, the two minutes given used by me quite well. 

Then, the task B, where we need to interact with each other and give our opinions on the given topic. I let candidate A and C first because obviously, they agreed on my points which, I did not interested in agreeing.  Now, after they talk about agreeing with my points, well, I refused to agree with my point and I change my stance by agreeing with having a career in art and design. Art and Design to me have vast paths. Everything with art nowadays sells. Yes. So, I talk about quite a good amount of time and I really hope that I could score good marks for it.

So, that is all for last incident.

Moral of the story :

1. Do not give up.
2. Study hard.
3. Be natural.
4. Speak with ease (good choice of words)
5. Study hard to score for the next 3 other papers. *Listening, Reading Comprehension, and Writing *nervouse!!!)

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Waaahhhh

Monday, 6 February 2017

Terrified of WRITING!!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Hi everyone!

As you all know that I will be sitting for my MUET exam *Speaking Paper on 14th of February 2017 and it is more or less, a week from now ( or 7 days? ). I literally not that worry to speak up but I am a bit *NO! A LOT!, I am terrified with the fact that I have to write A LOT for WRITING PAPER.

I am terrified.

It has been a while since I write with my hands. *OVERNESS. All these days, I am using laptop to actually write things and to write BACK using my hands, it would be so awkward. TRUST ME!

So, solution?

I have been practising writing using my hand *I am a lefthander and it is not good. My writing is like small, little, tiny, tape worm which should not be seen by human. PERIOD! Ok?

I do not know what to do, and I am afraid I have to write more than everyone could have imagine I could. Haha.. IDK.


Assalamualaikum WBT

p/S: Need to work on my sentences too. Its too laymen. Haha...