Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Get Your Inspiration Now!

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Hi all, how do you do? Well, it has been a while right? since my last entry, well, let me put aside the grammar session because I really want to focus more on what I want to say about something.

What do you know about inspiration?

I mean, inspiration is something that really matters to us actually in doing something. Inspiration is something that a thing that keep us motivated in doing jobs. Let say, a photographer feeling hopeless in continuing his job but then if he has something that might keep him motivated or inspire him to do his job, he might be able to avoid his 'hopelessness', right? 

Well, motivation and inspiration are needed to survive. Why? Every single person in this world, on earth, has something that they refer as inspiration. In fashion, all those designers has at least, one person referred as the inspiration. Coco Chanel? Miuccia Prada? Gianni Versace? Those are fashion people. *i'm using ARE because they still live in people's heart.

Yes, I am not a good writer in linking points, but I am still learning the way to link my points. I am so sorry, I found it a little  difficult in linking my points in English language. Yes, I know English language, but I do not use it in my everyday conversation. I only used it in my written form, yes. Easy? Quite hard, that is why sometimes, when someone is trying to converse with me, I had to talk quite slowly and utter my words carefully. Hehe..

And one more thing, I was working the other day, and my cousin and I was looking for one place, to set up the dais (pelamin), then, we asked the security man there *Nepal, and to be honest, me and my cousin are good with English but then when we were talking to that man, we became blank. Zero, nada! Why? Because, his English is not near to our English. Well, our English is Malay+British+American English but that man English is more to Crippled+Nepal English. Sorry, I do not know how to start a simple conversation with such English. Not bad to them but bad to use. Just like the Broken Malay English, hello, just using the root word to everything is not helping in developing good English command. Sorry.

So, get your inspiration and let it inspires you now. Same goes with English language above, get your inspiration, NOW!

I have mine, Harry Potter, The Queen, Made in Dagenham. Lovely!

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Cute eh?

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