Thursday, 22 May 2014

Learning English : Language Learning Strategies.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

As promised, I would love to write about Language Learning Strategies which, this would actually help us in learning language (s) and in this case, it is English language. And since this blog is focusing on learning English language, lets just bear in mind it is about English language, yes?

Now, what is Learning Strategies? 

Learning Strategies defined as specifications, behaviours, steps, or techniques -- such as seeking out conversation partners, or giving oneself encouragement to tackle a difficult language task -- used by students to enhance their own learning (Scarcella & Oxford, 1992 p.66).

So that is language strategies. Back those days, my supervisor, Dr. Normah asked me to look for recent articles as the references, but, I am so sorry Dr. I found just those articles published on the internet but alhamdulillah, I managed to get good grade on that thesis. A few lecturers said that my topic is quite 'long-time-ago', I mean, I little bit 'not new' but, hey, I almost half way on that topic, please. Hahaha, there is no way I'm going to change it! please. 

Now, lets comeback to the main topic.

What are the elements or the items under language learning strategies?

1. Memory Strategies
2. Cognitive Strategies
3. Compensation Strategies
4. Metacognitive Strategies
5. Affective Strategies
6. Social Strategies

These are the items under language learning strategies that we need to know. 

Above is the chart by Oxford (1990) and she divided into two main groups which are, Direct Strategies and Indirect Strategies. Later on, I will explain more one the items on each group. But, in order for us to know which strategy that used the most in learning English language, we need to talk a simple test, its called SILL ( Strategy Inventory of Language Learning). 

Sometimes, some of us might asked ourselves, why the hell I need to study this? It is not like I have give lecture to students. Well, you have those questions, give me five darling, I too had those questions before. But, when I think back, there reason why we learned all sorts of things, it is to prepare us for the world out there. Don't worry, keep learning, no one could stop you from learning, plus, its a good thing to learn, well at least you learn something, right? hehe...

For this entry, I will try to make it short and I just want you to know what are the strategies for language learning, that is all. Later on, I mean, in the next entries, I will explain more on the strategies. Yes, one by one with examples, okay? Don't worry, we try to figure this our together, okay?

Well, its just language, nothing more. hahaha...

Assalamualaikum wbt

p/s: some said, "learning English language is not good, you'd better learn Mandarin". B? are kidding me right? hahahha

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