Sunday, 11 May 2014

English Language Learning Methods.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Okay, today, I am going to talk about 'Learning English Language'.

Some said,

'You need a proper teacher to really understand English language'.

I'd say,

Yes, you really need a proper teacher to teach you English language. Why? English language is actually a quite complicate but an easy language. Why complicated? but easy? why? Well, its complicated if you ignored the rules BUT, it would as easy as cake if you follow the rules. Funny eh?

English language is not like Malay language, which does not have tenses, English language does have tenses. It will a little bit more difficult to memorise and language is not something that you could easily memorise just like that without knowing the grammar.

Yes, every single language in this world has its own grammar. Some are ridiculously funny but some are okay. Hehe, but whatever it is, it is arbitrary. Its always like that. Back to the teacher thingy, yes, you need at least one teacher to learn English language. Why?

Well, someone who knows English language better would be the best teacher to teach you. Some might know about how English language work in everyday lives but some might know it from the syllabus taught. Some might have different sides of learning method. Yes, there lots of ways in learning English, some might be very effective to other, but some not.

On that matter, we need to identify the real potential on mental lexicon and their confidence. Some might be very good in writing because they know the rules and they have lots of vocabulary, but they might be in trouble in speaking, delivering in verbal communication. Word vomit can't be always good, right? Some might be very darn good in speaking but have trouble writing. That also can not be good. So, we need to balance between those two. Speaking and writing aka verbal and written forms. 

So, why do we need to know the effective methods in learning English language and how can we identify those effective methods?

Well, I too have my very own ways in learning English. To be honest, I learned English from my primary and secondary teachers, well, it wasn't so great, in fact, I usually just wrote and answered the sentences that I felt right, yes. It is always like that. But when I enrolled to UNISZA and took English course, then I realised, 

"ohh, my English is bad".

I told my friend and I said,

"Jaja, I need to learn English, again, my English is bad".

He answered,

"okay, I could see that too, nevermind, I have something for you".

Then he made me this table and it was really amazing, I could easily learned English grammar *the basic ones in just like a week. I do no know how its happened but it happened. Amazingly good. And alhamdulillah, I still learning English language. I remembered the rules even until now. 

The rules, the grammar, we need someone to teach us but vocab, we need to find it ourselves. How? Through reading and so many more. 

 Back the question imposed just now, why do we need to know the effective methods in learning English language and how can we identify those effective methods?

"Why do we need to know the effective methods in learning English language?"

We need to know the effective methods because we could learn with ease the English language. 

"How can we identify those effective methods?"

Well, this question is quite tricky. This one we need to figure it out by ourselves. As I said before, there are lots of language learning methods. Some good with just reading, but some good when there are teachers presence. So, Different people have different methods. Yes, so, its all about trial and errors and also efforts. You tried but you failed so, do not give up, try again. In the end, it is just a language.

The real challenge would be out there, where you skills with be put to the test when you have to converse with other, Where you have to communicate with others. That what really matter, it does not mean that grammar is not important, but balancing all the elements is most important.

So, now you know right?

That is all I guessed, thank you!

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Rusty English vs Amazing English. hihu :)


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