Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A little Thought for the Day.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

How do you do?

When in doubt, we asked Him to show us the way right? Always but then the fault is only to Humans because when we asked we asked only when in pain or despairs. When happy, we lose the faith and gratitude does not linger on our mouth. Why?

Do you asked yourself why? I mean, I sometimes ashamed of Allah SWT, just like I said, when in despair I asked, when I have got what I been asking, I forgot to say gratitude.

I read about Istiqomah, and in translation to English language, istiqomah means continuous. Yes, Islam IS continuous. Why? Well, when we pray to Allah, we CONTINUOUSLY praying to Him, perform our Solah, give good deeds to other on His name. Why? To show the gratitude that we owed Him in every way.

Why show gratitude?

Why show gratitude? You just do not asked me that question. When someone gave us something, for instance, a piece of bread. What do you say to that person ? At least, "Thank you" right? So, the concept is just like that to Allah SWT. Human to human we tend to have this courtesy, because we are humans. The community sees us right? But what about Allah SWT? Can we see Him?

I'd say, Yes we can. We can see HIM even clearer than we see human. Why? It started with FAITH. When we have Faith in Allah SWT, immediately, all the good deeds will come automatically. We see lights, we see skies, we see water. For those who have FAITH they would immediately think,

"Well, how this works.."

It made us think. But please, do not overthink it, because we are only humans, we think that we CAN think, to go beyond the human capabilities it not the favours of us, human. In other words, we cannot do that. To think beyond mind. Not.

Why? We human usually think the LOGIC. That's the problem. We want to see what in front of us. Let say someone asked us to show where is Allah. Obviously, they do not have the FAITH that some of us have. Right? So, it is folly to fight with humans who happened to not having the same FAITH as ours. Its hard. Difficult.

So, find the FAITH then you'll know what you have been searching all this while.


Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Rebooting myself.

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