Sunday, 1 December 2013

Creative Talents.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Yes, sometimes I questioned myself, 

"Why the hell you have these creative thinking but you did not even try to use it?"

I asked. 
I did not have the answer for that, quite frankly speaking. I just do not know what to answer.

Yes, there are a few creative thinkings and actions that I have such as, sewing, cooking, drawing, colouring, gardening, arranging my stuff in my room *considered that too. But then, why the hell I am still here. I mean, not going anywhere with my talents?

I, again, do not have a concrete answer for that. I just do not know.

But, I am not looking for answers, but I do have several things that I want to tell you.

Being able to actually sew and be creative has taught me a few things. Yes, in everything that we do, we need to be very focus with the assigned work given to us or we wanted to do, but in sewing, dealing with sewing machine that really needed we to be more focus because we need to cut, sew, iron, its like, one step at a time. 

But then, one more thing, sewing is meticulous, very meticulous. We need to be very tough on judgment given by the people who see our dress or creation. On the construction sides of certain outfits, yes, we need to be very meticulous. The more difficult the outfits created or sewn, the more hours that we need to spend in order to get a very great outfit. Otherwise, it will not be great.

I do not know about the sewists who managed to sew great, amazing clothes at like 3 hours. To me, sewing is time consuming. Yes, why? As I explained before, to get great outfits, time is needed. Spend more time and make sure that the outcomes or the end products are amazing. That is all. 

Creative is actually very wide and cooking is one of the branches that give this wide creativity. There are steps we need to follow but then, when it comes to decorating the plate to show the final products, we are able to show our creativity in garnishing that plate. 

Well, to be honest, what ever it is in this world, creativity is needed. Yes, you know it right? 

Talking about sewing, fabric choices are crucial. We need to choose great fabrics in order to create great clothes, * put there in the great clothes elements. But here in Malaysia, based on my own experience, I have trouble in finding good men's clothes, I mean, manly fabric for men. Do you know what I meant there right?

Most of fabric shops in Malaysia sell fabrics for women and they have just a few limited selection for men. Yup, if I were live in big cities, I think there is no problem finding the men-fabrics but unfortunately, I am living in a village where fabric choices is actually not a choice because I can't choose fabrics for myself. 

I still remember, when I want to construct a vest, I have to use fabric for curtains. Yup, I personally do not care but it just shows how difficult I am in finding the fabrics, for myself. So, therefore, I choose to do women wear. Its just it.

Sometimes, I envy those people who are in Australia, USA where they have great, big, amazing *according to the pictures and my own readings, fabric shops or warehouses. Imagine that? How beautiful it is right? I could not imagine if I go there and have a fabric shopping day or something like that, I would be just amazing and I think I just could easily faint because I just do not know what to choose. Hahaha..

So, that is all for my creative bragging. See next time *which I myself do not know when. Haha..

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Well, I have another talent, writing. hehehe...

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