Saturday, 31 August 2013

Writing to share. Just.Share.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Hi, how do you do? I know, this blog has not been on the air yet, but I am not like to like want to be glamour or to be known by people, why? Sometimes, it is good to have something that really subtle and really unknown. Hahaha.. why? Because, when I listen to other people, well, famous people, they usually talk about privacy and how they want to be normal not public figure. Well, once you are famous, there is not turning back. It is either two, be the person you really want to be or fake it. Hahhaha.. that how I see things to famous people. Shoot me eyh? 

As you all know, I have blog and what it the things I wrote in the blog really affect my everything. Who knows? right? Let say, people read my blog, and they somehow interpret things differently than I want it to. What should I say to them? Do I have to write an entry per day to actually say how sorry I am about things that I have said, wrote? Well, I really do not know about that. Hahaha.. *see how happy I am...

*distracted for 30 minutes, looking for light reading,

How is that? See, I been writing this entry for like an hour and I did not finish it yet. Ugh! Ugly. 

Well, things sometimes are not the way want it to be right?

Talking about talents and efforts. Sometimes, people put amazing tonnes of efforts for things that he or she loves, but then, when people with talents come in, they do not need lots of efforts because they have talents gifted by God and they just do it without any hesitation. Sometimes, there are differences between people with talents and people with efforts in terms of quality of jobs that they did. Yup. 

During my skills classes at GiatMara Raub, to be honest, I am half-half. Yup, half gifted and half efforts. Meaning, I really need to give a lot of efforts to prove my gift. Its better that way, yes. I know I have the gift but when I looked around me, there are people who are very gifted and they are really good at it, I mean, sewing. Sometimes, I was jealous, but I took a step back and think. And then, I finish my work. 

Some say, I was fast at sewing but they said that my works were not that great. Well, not that I can't be critised but you need to look at your work first dear, ugh! ugly bitches. ups! hahahha..

Well, I am now pursuing my greatness. 

Assalamualaikum wbt

p/s: my tooth-ache. ugh!

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