Saturday, 17 August 2013

Getting Rid of Things.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Yes, I get rid of my old broken bed. Single bed. It was broken last year but I ignored the broken part and later after it was broken, I fixed it by placing one small box chair under it and it was okay. Until yesterday, I felt like, "it is time for me to let go". Sad? Naaahhh.. I was happy. Very happy.

First, I swept all dusts and such, then, I took of all about 12 pillows, Yes! Just for me. 12 pillow. Call me crazy. Then, I asked my mum, * I need mum's agreement on this, So, I asked her,

"mum, kalau buang katil adik tu boleh tak?" *yes, adik means little brother, huahuahua..

Mum answered,

"Buang je lah, lagipun dah tak elok kan?"

Green light, received clearly! Thank you.

Then, I took the pelapik off and then the bed. I was very happy and now, even though I do not have bed but my room has bigger space. Huahuahua.. which its amazing. You might surprise if I show you my room. It is small. Very small but I am happy. Really happy. Yes.

And, now, I am actually waiting for my brother's wardrobe and he wants to buy new wardrobe, so, I asked him to give it to me. Hahahha.. he said, "okay". but you have to wait for me to buy new wardrobe.

I was like, thank you Allah, even though, its all hand-me-down-things, who cares? I dont! Why should I? I am no cheapskate but I am trying my very best to actually not to buy new things that no necessary, why? because I just think it unnecessary. That is all. Nothing more.

Well, try to watch Extreme Cheapskates on TLC 707, hell!! hahahha

Well, my mum called me already for lunch. So,

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: hehehehe

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