Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Why Do I Blog?

Assalamualaikum WBT,

People usually ask me,

"why do you blog? is it good.. blogging? What do you write? why?"

Well, slow down girls, boys, one questions at a time eyh? Okay, my actually purpose of blogging was assignment. I have another blog called New Interesting Manuscripts (NIM) and I write almost everything. Before I personalised my blog, NIM, it was actually a assignment blog where I wrote about Public Relations and everything about PR. Then, after the assignment was done, I personalised my NIM.

I started writing about all the things around me, environments, surroundings, friends, family, food that I ate, drinks that I drank, past experiences, Internship, almost everything and I love writing it. To be honest, that time, I did not read others blog and personally, I did not really know how to blog. Yes, there are books about Blog for dummies but hell, I am not buying it, why? So, I just wrote everything that I feel good to be discussed.

Before this, I had hard to actually write things. I did not love writing subject, well, I just did not know what to write, but, when I blog, I found that writing is not that hard. As long as you can relate things, then, you can write. As long as you topic is great and the explanation is amazing, then, you achieved the point already.

So, what is the purpose of me blogging?

I write because I want to share, I want to people experience what I have been experienced. I want them to feel the excitement of my story. Well, even though it is not that excited, but hey, as long as I write, then, its okay.

It is not that hard to write something that closed to you. Something that personal to you. Right?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Love my life.


  1. hello. :)
    terima kasih sbb sudi lawat blog dan berkongsi pendapat. moga boleh saling bertukar pendapat dan pengalaman.
    take care!

  2. Mr Clive Einstein :
    Hello, ur welcome, Okay, yes, why not right? thank you for coming and commented on my, thank you.

  3. the coolest thing to do is blogging..kan kan :)

  4. Tihara : yuppie... kan, btw, thanks for coming here and commented. really, thanks,