Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Magic Beyond Word : The J.K. Rowling Story.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I just finished watching a film and it was on Diva Universal. I was expecting that movie actually, usually, I would be looking and reading the newspapers and the Astro channel guide and look for the movie or programme tele that I wanted to watch.

And tonight was a little bit special. Do you know Joanne Rowling? Well, long before Harry Potter franchise, there was a young lady named Joanne Rowling, she was a great student, head of students and she graduated from good university in England. Well, do I really need to tell her story? You must read it somewhere right? And I watched the movie and the title was Magic Beyond Words : The JK Rowling story. To be honest, I watched her interview with Oprah on Oprah show when her last books was movied and  Oprah took the responsibility and go all the way to Edinburgh for the interview. I watched every second of it. I love it so very much.

Everything, every single thing that Joan told Oprah in that particular interview, was there, in the movie. I was so amazed by how hard she worked and she always have trust. Whenever she doubted herself, she looked for friends who could comfort her. Love that.

If you watch this movie, Well, i think this movie is not a box office movie, its more like a drama, some sort. If you watch this drama and if you a big fan of Harry Potter franchise like I am, you would easily found that items in Harry Potter and you could easily relate the story board of this drama with the HP franchise. Yes! You would be able to do that, if you are a big fan of Harry Potter.

I found myself almost crying, like a baby, because there were certain moments where the story became sensitive and Joanne was crying because she could not share her success with her beloved mother. Well, I was almost crying.

I love it, btw, the K in J.K. Rowling is her grandmother's name, Kahtleen. Her manuscript, her writing actually was declined so many times and thanks to Christopher to all the success. She said, she would never imagine that Harry Potter would be so successful, "not in a million years".

It is actually a very inspiring story. Love it so very much.

That is all, I am going to watch Harry Potter again and again, yes. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I am a big fan of Harry Potter.


  1. hmm. im not a big fan of harry so je
    tapi suka program macam ni..motivation :)

  2. Tihara : Thank you for commenting on my other blogs... yup. I am a big fan of Harry Potter, but sadly, I only have the movies not the books, I would love to have the books as a collection. Yes, it is a very good motivation. Thank you again.