Friday, 13 September 2013

What are your favourite movies?

Assalamualaikum WBT,
How do you do everyone?
I am so sorry for not posting entries for this pass days. I am sorry, not that I have nothing to be written or posted but due the internet connection, I found myself in the lost mode and my mind automatically went 'blank mode' because of the problems. *sigh
Now, I have the connection and I am going to write about one thing. Movies. Yes, movies, when we talk about movies, there are thousands of them, in fact, there are billion of movies produced by the producers. Amazing huh? and imagine the cost to make the movies, right? Some were successful and some were just thrown into the drain, all the efforts. Pity them.
But, I am here not gonna talk about the producers or the actors or the actresses, I am going to write about the movies that I love. Yes, there are several movies that I really love. As you all know, I am a big fan of Harry Potter movies, I may not the biggest fan but, I almost know all the dialogues in the movies, like all the movies. I am not bored to watch it over and over again. yup!
There is another movie that I really like, Lords of The Ring. Yes, I love these movies very much. I am.
Well, you can conclude that I am a magic, fairytale kind of man, I guessed. Hahaha.. but I do too love drama. Precious for instance, it gave me chills on the drama side. It touched me while watching it. Precious is about a girl who really do not have anything and she was raped by the step dad in front of her mum. And she gave birth to her step-dad children. TWICE! She did not know how to read and she did not know how to write, to the world and herself, she was hopeless, until, there is one amazing social worker, a teacher, who taught her in some sort of special classroom and it was funded by the Welfare. This is very good story. Another drama based on true story would be, Blind Side. This is too amazing movie, trust me! GO and find it, it will tear your eyes watching these movies.
I have one dislike movie genre of all time, that is, romance. I am so sorry, I could not help myself hating this genre. Its just did not work for me. I just nope! I could not watch it, I am so sorry. I just do not know why, sorry. Haha.. I would better watch cartoons or read a book over romance-genre-movies. Sorry. yup!, nope! And damn! I am not a romantic person eyh? Sorryy...
Well, I too love watching cartoons. Yup, anime, manga something like that. I just love it, it somehow re-live my childhood expectation towards cartoons, which is having great colours. Haha.. no just kidding. I just want to re-live my childhood amazing adventurous times. That is all, nothing more. There is one amazing cartoon that I still remember from those childhood years, Dragon Ball! Anyone? Dragon Ball is like the best ever anime aired on TV2 right, on Sunday, 9 AM. Still remember that very much. I woke up early in the morning just to watch that one hour cartoon. Yup, amazing days, those days. Now? I still watch cartoons, there are a few cartoon based channels on Astro, so, there is no way I could not watch cartoons. Hehehe.. I even fight with my nephews. Hahaha.. imagine that!
I guessed that is just all for today. Oh, wait, J.K. Rowling, announced on her Facebook status that she was approached by Warner Bros and they were really interested to film her book, which book? The Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. And as the fan of Harry Potter, Hogwarts and J.K.Rowling, I am very delighted to hear this amazing news. Love it. Just love it. I could not imagine any other character except for Luna Lovegood to get into the movie. Let her moment to shine! She is Loony Luna but she is amazing!
Well, that is all.
Assalamualaikum WBT
p/s: what are you favourite movies?

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