Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hobbies, what are yours?

Assalamualaikum WBT,

When we talk about hobby, people would easily say things they usually do when they have spare time. Yup, that the meaning of hobby, "thing (s) we do when we have spare time", I think so. Never mind.

I too have hobby. In fact, I have loads of them. Really. Yes. I love to sing, I am not considering it to be my career but if I have the opportunity, why not right? But, I love singing, and I would consider it as a hobby, yes. Love it. 

Do wish to see me sing? Feel free to click this link, this is my Keek and you can also comment on my Keek and I would love to hear it from you too. Thanks. akmallrazlan    

yup, I too love writing. Well, before blogging world was introduce to me, I did not even know what is blog, I just open them and I did not know I have been reading them for so long and in year 2010, it was introduced to me by my lecturer well, he asked me and some of my friends to do a Public Relations some kind of blog and to accept the challenge, I said yes and here I am, blogging about personal stuff. Asking me what happened to the PR blog? Well, I would say its a long story. Sorry, not interested to write something so formal. Nope, just not my thing. No. To present, I still blogging. Love it. Consider it as a pure interest hobby.

I too love reading. Reading would always be my long time favourite, since I can read, I love it very much. I still remember, I even borrow books from the library for week just to read the books again and again and again. Well, I just have this emotional thingy attached to the books. Sometimes, I just renewed the borrowing periods for certain time and it is waay long time, trust me.

Well, I think that is enough, a few hobbies would do, how about you? What are your hobbies. Why plural? I truly believe that no one has only one hobby. Pants of fire.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

p/s: nighty nite people.

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