Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I just HATE bullies!


I read this amazing wish from a boy from North Carolina.

Read this. North Carolina Boy Asks To Stop Bull His Twin Sister.

Could read that letter? How he want to help his sister because she was bullied at school. To be honest, this could just happen to anyone. Mind that letter, focus on the bigger problem. Bullying. People sometimes take this very lightly. They did not know what to expect, they usually said, "well, its okay, that how students grow". Heck! I disagree on that.

Bullying is actually the last thing that schools, any schools want to put in their meeting. Sometimes, bullying can bring harms more than anything in this world. There were actually thousands of cases in the world where bullying affect students life and in the end of the day, they committed suicide. That the worse fear of all family. Yup.

The bullies, they somehow, happy to see people being bullied. They love doing it. I just do not know where the happiness is, but I am pretty sure that nothing happy about bullying. What it they were the one who being bullied? what would they feel? What do you feel then people picking up on you? what would you feel? happy? sad? excited? angry?

Well, punishments just meant for those who are being stupid bullies. They should be punished to the max.

Yup, your children would not tell anything what happened at the school, you would better ask their friends. That might help. If they reluctant to go to the school, there is must be something happened to them at school that they did not want you to know. So, choose the other way, ask they friends. But choose wisely who to ask. You might ask the bullies if not careful, okay? or you would just ask the teacher to keep on eye on you children. they might help as well.

That is all for now.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s; hate bullies.

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