Saturday, 19 September 2015

SPM Literature Component : Short Story : Leaving by M.G. Vassanji

Assalamualaikum WBT,

As promised,  I am going to write more about the Short Story, Leaving for the SPM English Literature Component.

Now, since I believed that you all readers, SPM candidates have read the Short Story, you are now know what its all about, right? Yes, its about a young boy named Aloo who wants to pursue his dream in becoming a doctor.

First of all, I am going to write about the characters in this short story. First of all is Aloo.

Aloo was the youngest in the family. Gifted student with great, brilliant mind and he got straight A's in his result. He was inspired by his teacher to go outside of his country and study abroad. He was a loving son and he cried when his mother expressed her fear that she might lose him. Happy when his mother approved his leaving. He was happy to see London and he wrote to his mother. All and all, he just want to change his and his family's lives. He wanted to be someone and he really thinks that medicine would change him as a person.

The Mother

Lost her husband at 33, had to look after 5 children. Refuses to re-marry as she did not want the children to be sent to children's home. *Foster home. She was a very hard-working woman, she raised 5 children and gets 2 daughter married off, elder son worked at supermarket. She was concentrating  on improving the lives of the younger two (Aloo and the Narrator). Moved to a little bit rural area so that the two can focus on their studies. Loved her children to death. She was very sensitive as it was shown in the scene where she was very concerned on Aloo leaving her behind. A very good mother, so relents finally to Aloo going abroad. She was a very proud mother, independent woman and she is a woman of substance.

Lives with her husband in town.

A rich housewife, lives in Tanga on the coast north Dar es Salaam.

The older brother, drops out of school. Worked in the office of a big shop.

Mr. Datoo
Aloo's ex-teacher, returned from America to pay a visit. A favourite of the boys, has inspired Aloo to apply to an American university.

Mr. Velji
A school officer and he was very impressed with Aloo's ability in education and advised him to take up the offer to study in America. Warned the mother that she might lose him.

The Narrator
The youngest daughter in the family. It is from her point of view. Smart, studying at the university. She was very caring and saw her mother's pain and understood what she had through. She was very supportive and loving too. She was observant and sensitive and she knew that her brother really wanted to go to overseas and he was not keen to study locally.


1. Grab the opportunity
2. Making sacrifices for the fmaily
3. Not losing one's values and beliefs
4. Family, heritage and traditions matter in every home
5. Conflicts arise but can be overcome with rational thinking and consideration

Physical Setting
Upanga, Tanzania. Closed to wild land. It is a lonely, frightening place, as the narrator said.

Social setting
Aloo's family was interested in education and self-improvement. The mother was a very hard-working mother and she wanted nothing but the best for her children. People were generally poor and the mother believed that they can achieved great things through education.


It is set in the present times.

Now, I will tell more about Moral Values, Point of View, Tone and Mood, Language and style and also Literary Devices on the next entry.

That is all for now. Keep reading various sources guys.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Keep reading and please understand the concept.