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SPM English Literature : Play

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I am still having quite a hard time with analysing the previous poem, which I want to study more on Language and Style. For this entry, I want to write about Play. Yes, play as in drama. In SPM, the students were given quite a lot of book for the literature components, one of them is Five Short Plays by Martyn Ford. This Five Short Plays by Martyn Ford is for Form 4 students, but still the students who are taking SPM need to study these plays.

According to the teachers whom I have been referring to, they said that, there are certain poems for certain places in Malaysia. *whut? One of the plays entitled, The Right Thing to Do is for the East Coast area. Okkkk? hahaha... well, I just follow what she said. Now, I will explain more on the creative aspect of the play, but for now, I will tell you quite in depth of what is Play.

What is a Play?

A play is essentially a story that is meant to be acted out [staged] in front of an audience. It can be prose form or poetry but it is meant to be heard and seen, and will have to be staged in a theatre to be enjoyed. A play will have the following main characteristics:
1. Character

The character means the role that the actors and actresses have to play in the play. Got that, right? In every play, the most important rose is protagonis. What is protagonist? Protagonist is the main character mostly, everything happens in a play, revolves around him/her. The we have minor characters, which serve specific function and once that is done, he/she exists. They may convey some messages, provide laughter or carry out a specific duty. For example, have you watched Spy by Melissa McCarthy? She was the main character and Rose Bryne, Jason Statham and Jude Law are somewhat not so main but almost main characters, got that? ok?

2. Plot

Now, plot tells you the story line and it is structured according to the particulars in story. It revolves around a conflict in which hero struggles against all odds to win heroine or to achieve something or to prove a point. It usually starts with Exposition, then Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and lastly Denouement. 
3. Theme

Theme tells audience what the play or drama is all about. As for the plot refers to the body of a play, the theme has been called its soul. Its like the life of a drama. Its like without great cake, colourful icing would not do any good. Right? 

4. Dialogue

Dialogue is what the characters speak, which carries message of the play. Usually, the script writer would add a lot language style in it. Without properly written, the dialogue would lost its sparks. Plus, the language and style of the dialogue will reflect the period and the social background of the characters. It is actually according to the  story line itself. If the story line is comedy, then usually the dialogue will have lots of comedic input in it.
5. Audience

As for the audience, if its a play at the school hall, then we would have no problem trying to understand the input given, or listening to the dialogues by the actors and the actresses. But, what if, the play is in the television? Would it be called a play? From my view, yes, it is. It is still a play, but the audience is not in front of them, in fact, it is recorded and be played in the television. Would they have the direct reaction from the audience? well, no but now with amazing role of social media, using  hashtag (#) we would have immediate reaction right away. 
6. Stagecraft.

Now, stagecraft is more on the technical issue. Traditionally, if a play is about Cinderella in the Red Queen's garden, we would have cardbord that painted in green colour, and have this painted red rose on it. But, have you ever heard of CGI? Yes, CGI makes things better. Hahaha,,, have you ever watched Harry Potter? *I am fan!! Avid Fan indeed. The effect in Harry Potter done by amazing CGI specialist made it one of the most expensive film ever in the world, therefore, do not underestimate the power of computer people. Hehe..

That is all for Play, later on I will write about this one play that I taught my students. The Right Thing to Do. It was a great play and I believe we all can relate to it but first you have to read it, so that you will have a clear understanding on that play. Ok?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s; Luv yals.

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