Monday, 14 September 2015

Life Planning.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Today is *still Monday and today was the day for to teach my English tuition students at GiatMARA. Today, I had 5 students attended my class. It was fun and today, I was able to make them think about their future.

I started my lesson with the previous lesson from last week which is SPM clone questions and I had the session going to one hour. It was fun and considering that they have a long way to go in UNDERSTANDING English language, well, most of them, it was a wonderful yet interesting session indeed. 

We discussed about the questions. Some of them understood the questions and some didn't. But, I do not mind, they are willing learn and that made me care enough for them. But today was a little bit late in term of motivation. They had their motivation at the middle of the session. Well, not to blame them but the haze really took the toll on everyone, including me. Hate that *the haze.

Then I conducted a one hour activity, it was leisure activity, where they got the write and we discussed about a few things. Objective? Just to let them think about their own future. Take charge of their own future. Be brave and embrace their own take on fate. 

I asked them to write about their personal information. Yes, I did that a few month ago, which, one of them called it out, but I said, its going to be a revisiting. Meaning, I really want to see the differences between, they were at the first month and now. I want to see the development, well, most of them really have quite good command in English language but not near to the standard, but its still quite okay. They had open my eyes about learning. We, in this world, have different ability. Ones might not the same with the others. Same with learning language. Some might find it difficult and some might think its an the easiest think in the world. Difference? Of course. 

Then, next week, I will focus on how to make report because next month they will be having their internship with various shop. Now, before I ended the class, I did tell them about the life. Yes, I drew a chart and I put present year and five years to come. I made them a 5 years plan. I asked them, what they want to do with their lives.

Some answered, they want to study, some said they want to work. Then, I said, "If you want to study, where it would be? then, if you want to work, what kind of work that you want to do?". I asked. It made them think more and one of them stood up, "I do not want to plan teacher, I am afraid that if my plan did not work, then I would disappoint myself and my family".

Well, I did pause for while and answered,

"You need to plan for yourself, even though you are not planning, you actually have constructed a plan in your mind. Though its not visible but still, only you know your plan. Disappoint or not, that is risk that you need to gamble in life. Life is fair for being unfair to people and reality is the harsh-est thing ever. You cannot get what you want immediately, but you can work for it. So, no harm done in planning your own life, okay? you can plan but it depends on your efforts to make your plan works!, go for it".

She nodded and she understood where I was going with the advice.

Then, I told the class that if you are not going to study, then work. Work you arse off and get money as much as you can. *I did not use the word 'arse'. Yup, I did not. Then. I advised them to gain as much experiences in the field, so, they could open their own business one day. And, all of them really interested in that, and one of them said about online business.

I said, "Online business is easy to start but its hard to maintain'. She nodded.

I told them about I have my own company and what not. One of the stood up and asked," Own company? Like, real office?".

I said, "Nope, but more like SSM certificate. Now, if you want to open your own company and start all the way with real office, do you really think about the consequences? Now, if you have you own office, yes, the image has change but can u sustain the capital? Let say, you have to have like 10k per month just to pay salary and what not and you are making cakes as for the income. How many cakes do you really think that have to be sold in order for you to get 10k? U need to think about the competition, you are a new company that just started the business and you have to compete with the others. Can you manage that?"

She nodded and seemed thinking about my explanation. I said, "No one would tell this because most of the people think that you are very young to understand this thing but it is better for me to tell you this before someone tell you about it right?". Everyone nodded.

I felt relieved.

Now, That is all for now, I will be back with a few SPM Literature Component entries later on, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Luv ya/

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