Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lovehate? No, Just Love.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I left last entry on this blog like a month ago? Well, I do not know.

But, I write today. Yes. On what topic, I do not know but I am going to write today. In English. Yes. I hope. Hehe.. Okaayyy.. I have this one blog that really actually catches my eyes whenever he posted an entry. 

His newest entry. HERE.

Do know what, whenever I read his blog, I feel like motivated, pushed to do something on my own. I mean, what I do best. Passion. 

And trust me, the way he layered all the information and the way he wrote those amazing writings.. uh! amazing. I could easily understand what he is trying to say. Love it.

I have been a follower since like last year  *think so, and he is an amazing writer. *well, not judging but my instinct and reading made me say that. Love it. 

I wish I could be like him but I know he reads lots of books and that makes the difference. Hahaha.. I read online articles and he reads *I think, actual book. Well, no matter what, he is always be reference. And special thanks to Kak Yuni for introducing this blog on her blog. If not, I would not know this amazing blog by Clive. 

He writes almost about all of thing. Even Gollum, hows that? I personally think that he does his own research-es. hehe.. trying to be a Gollum here. No way!

Well, that is all. Practice does make things perfect. So, perfecting requires sacrifices, do not despair for the life you walked, fear for the those to do not believe in you but most of all, fear for a part of you that do not believe in yourself. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: lovehate.

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