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1st Year BEN UniSZA 2008/2009

Assalamualaikum WBT,

How do you my dear readers?

Now, while I was driving later this afternoon, I was thinking about my first year in UniSZA. It was in 2008. 7 years ago. Time really flew. Huhuhu... I can not catch it. Ever.

But, I still remember the people who I first met during my first day. I was alone. In a land where things were so different. They were. Very different. I still remember how awkward the situation was when I was given the wrong key to the temporary room. They gave me the female dorm's key. Stupid they were indeed, but I cannot blame them for being confused with me. Hahaha... No, I was not even confusing to others, no.

Then, we were moved from the temporary rooms to the real ones. NOW, I was thinking, what it they were just trying to make us bring out baggage just to see us suffer from carrying all those bags. Hahaha... 

Then, I entered the class and in the class, we came from every sort of lives, trust me but the majority of the students were the ex-TESL students from the same faculty. Well, now you know. To be honest, the class was divided to several groups, the Ex-Tesl students, the STPM students, the 2nd intake, the 3rd intake and the pulled-in students. No bad people or terms and I will explain later.

1. Ex-TESL students

These students were the ex-TESL from the same faculty, Faculty of Languages and Communication but before UniSZA became UniSZA, it was Pusat Bahasa during KUSZA time. Diploma in TESL was offered for the students and that was where ex-TESL students came from. They were nice, yes. Some of them were good.

2. The STPM students

This was my group. Haha, I was too a STPM student who came just because I managed to get Band 2 (Upper) and my SPM was A2. Haha, my STPM result was not that good but I managed to get to university, talking about rezeki. I am grateful. Grateful indeed. We were the STPM students who happened to have potential but most of us not really know what English was. Haha, awkward. To be honest, I was not a good student before and I did not know how to speak using English language, but I learned. Now, alhamdulillah, we at least after 4 years, I am able to know some rules and grammar in English language, well, at least the simple ones. 

3.  The 2nd, 3rd and so one intakes

Even though they were 2nd or 3rd intakes, now, they ware scattered around Malaysia doing amazingly. For example, Dean, he is now a full time lecturer in UNIMAS and he has finished studying for his Master's Degree. Another is Fauzan, he is now in Terengganu and he was doing amazingly. I could not be proud with them. Amazing.

4.  The pulled-in students

As far as I am concerned, there were three pulled-ins, they were the late Shirazi, Nadhirah and also Fauzan. Why the heck, I called them the pulled-in, right? Now, the Dean at time was Madam Azizah Endut, I really heard rumours that she pulled some guns to get my friends in and to be honest, she really made a great choice because now, Nadhirah was not only the best student in the Batch, she is now a Master's Degree holder and a businesswoman. Beat that peaches. Haha, and Fauzan. I cannot be proud of him anymore. He is one of my bestfriends, he is amazingly great. Great human being, great person. Enuff said.

During my first year, I did quite okay, I managed to get 3.00 and 2.99 respectively for the two terms. At first, to be honest, my English structure was like, "What the heck" level, then I managed to get it fixed by learning more from friends and my own initiative. Love it. Haha.... 

My first was great and I managed to get along with great friends. Love it.

My innocence year.

1st year BEN UniSZA 2008/2009.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: I will write on my years more later on.

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