Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year my Dear Readers. Love u all.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

It has been a while my dearie readers, I am so sorry for not writing any input here. Well, as far I think I could cope with two blogs, it turned out that I had not enough time to do some research on English language in any aspects, and also my other blog, New Interesting Manuscripts (NIM), its actually quite hard. I need to write in Malay and English, both have different medium. I tend to use my own mother tongue to write in NIM and I have to use my second language for The English Journey (TEJ), well, both need to have input otherwise it would just mere common blogs right?

Now I have found amazing article to be paraphrase, revise and segment because I need to write it in my own understanding otherwise, if I just put everything in, it would be some plagiarism right? Its a no-no in any academic writing. I actually consider what I am doing here in this blog it more like academic writing, even though it is not as academic as those thesis or academic article written by amazing academia. 

I actually very love learning English language and to me English language is very much the same as other languages. Its very lovely actually. I really want to actually further my studies in English language it I can, it would be in English Literature or Sociolinguistics. To be honest, I have found these two subjects would be very interesting. Literature is more on the creative side where we need to analyse what would be the inside meaning of others works. Let say, analysing Shakespeare's works and trying to be creative mind and trying to see the underlying meaning of his works. How amazingly difficult to convey that meaning and trying to tear thing apart for the sake of your thesis, right? hehe..

On the other hand, we have another amazingly fact subject, which is Sociolinguistics; focusing how social background affects language acquisitions. Fascinating subjects indeed. Plus, there are many elements that we need to think of in Sociolinguistics, semantic, phonology, sentence structure and whatnot. Why these elements is important? It is because, in looking indepth on the affect of social background to language acquisitions, we need to look at these elements. Nothing is sure, unless you managed to get the unbeatable evidences in your defense in let say, Viva? Right?

Personally, I would love to take on any each, but thinking about things might come in my way, it made me think twice before making such decision. Hahaha... well, tomorrow is new year right? So, happy new year and make your 2014 an big history that you would never forget and let 2015 a big year to come. Indeed, you have to make something for 2015, and I will. Yes. 

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: English grammar, looks easy but do you really have the capacity to learn it?

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