Friday, 12 September 2014

English Language : Language and Brain Development.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

Happy Friday people and do not forget the perform Solat Jumaat, okay?

Okay now, I am going to write on Language and Brain Development.

Language and brain are actually intimately connected. This is because without the pure understanding of language we cannot communicate. Some people said Signs is not a language, but what is actually the purpose of language? To communicate, right? That is the main purpose of us having languages. Therefore, to think that brain does not have any connection with language is quite impossible. 

Now, The Critical Period.

A child is introduced to language virtually at the moment of birth. BUT, as we all know, baby was in mummy's tummy for how long? 9 month 10 days *normally, so, in that period of time, the baby was already exposed to language uttered by the mother or people around the mother, so? it  is not specifically from the moment of birth but hey, my claim is not proper because I do not have any research to actually back up my opinion. I should do research? Haha,

Now, according to linguists, there is a Critical-Age Hypothesis that determined the language that will be picked up by the baby. It is also assume that language is biologically based and states that the ability to learn a native language develops within fixed period, from birth to middle childhood.

Then, somehow, there were cases that babies were abandoned by their parents or I do not know, abandoned, left out or kidnapped or whatever, but these cases somehow created stir because it against the HUMAN nature. Why? The critical-age period. The language learning period is somehow interrupted. Amala and Kamala were found in India, reportedly reared by wolves (1920). In 1970, Genie who reportedly been confined in small room and unable to interact with society from age eighteen months to almost fourteen years. None of these children were able to speak, communicate with human. So? Do language innate? That is the question. 

To me, language ability is in our mind but we need to nurture the language. Yes, its nature but nurturing is important. Otherwise, we cannot acquire language. Therefore, for those who happened to have children, siblings who are still babies, please, keep teaching them language that you would prefer them to use. If its English language, then keep talking to them in English, then they will pick up that language along with other language that you used in your daily conversation with your spouse. Let say, your mother tongue is Bahasa Melayu then your second language is English language, but you want your children to share the same ability in communicate in both language, so, keep both language with same balance in communicating with them. Do be shy, just speak. 

By the way, different people surely have different abilities to learn language. Like us Malaysians, not many have the ability to learn English language and be able to talk like those Britishs or Americans, but it is not possible. We can learn. Regardless what those English linguists have to say about the learning, it is actually up to you to learn. If you want it, no one could say NO, right?

So, keep learning. Everyone is learning one thing a day. So, why not?

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Yes, I am going to keep writing too. Lovelies.

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