Saturday, 26 July 2014

Celebrating Milk.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

When I was studying in university, my lecturer asked each and everyone of us *students to come out with a campaign and present it in front of the class. I chose to do more on drinking milk campaign sadly, unfortunately, my campaign did not proceed. I do not know why, well, never mind then right.

Now, as the time goes by, milk ads, articles and commercials would always be on television. Yes, most of on the television were those infant mild formula which actually not very good, why? because its somesort not the real milk. Well, something like that.

Therefore, I chose to write more on milk. Since the first World Milk Day was held in 2001, many countries throughout the world have participated in the celebration and the number is growing day by day. Did you know that milk is considered "nature's wellness drink"? The creamy white beverage contains calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous and a balance of other nutrients that have been proven to build your bones and teeth as well as promote the healthy function of your muscles and blood vessels. And in the midst of all the new vitamin waters, energy drinks and other artificially contrived beverages, milk is a healthy choices from mother earth. 

People who are drinking milk considered fat but it is actually very wrong. There was a research done by Dr Wendy Brazilian, the author of The SuperFoodsRx Diet and co-owner of San Diego based Bazilian's Health Clinic proved that "mothers who drink milk are more likely to have daughters who drink milk and milk drinkers tend to have healthier overall diets and tend to be leaner than non-milk drinkers".

But then I do aware of those who have this lactose intolerant which they cannot drink milk or eat any milk-based products. To those who have this problem, please go to your doctors and ask them about what to eat and what not to eat. Meaning, you have to consult your nutritionist because you need to know the portions that your body needs and without activating the intolerance. 

Plus, drinking milk is actually very good, but please, do not confused yourself with condensed milk, where, it surely do not have any of those vitamins mentioned in pure milk. When I was little, my mum bought me milk in that box but I did not drink it, why? At that time, to me it tasted funny, I did not like that taste. Seriously, but as I growing up, I do like the taste of milk,I love it very much, With the nutrients mentioned in various articles, it is likely to be very well balanced drink. 

By drinking milk, it also can be the agent to build your body. Right?

That is all from, me, Drink Milk For Your Health.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: Did you know that milk is considered food not drink?

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