Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Alhamdulillah. :)

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I was wondering, are people reading this my English written blog? Hahaha..

Well, are they or not, still, I will write this in English and I know, some of my dearie friends still reading this blog even though its updated once a while, well,  naaahh, its fine.

Recently, I watched quite a number of videos that really put me in the state of thinking, where the videos brought very amazing message, such as Dear Forty Year Old Me,  How to write good essay and a few others. I too listened to amazing songs with amazing, great, meaningful lyrics and somehow, at this moment, I felt really connected to the song and the lyrics, well, mostly the lyrics. Yes, my was borrowed a good, sensitive heart from Allah SWT. Somehow, I get easily attached to song with meaningful, sad lyrics. Haha.. yup. That's me.

My dear friend posted an entry about experienced or not and it really made me think a lot, like, a lot, trust me! In her entry, she commented on both sides, from the administration point of views and also from the fresh graduates point of views. Its quite amazing you know. Love it so much and the most important part is, it made me think very deeply. Thanks Ayuni for that very good entry. Love it.

And another friend posted something on Facebook, on how he has changed and first thing came out from my very mouth, Alhamdulillah, *praise to Allah, I have been his friend from 2008 and we had rough start but things are getting better and sometimes, a friend does what a friend does. We too had our argument, we had our happy times *always and we know each other very well. And seeing him changed to a person he wanted to, I really felt very grateful and he has his dream job now and alhamdulillah, on March 1st, he will be based in Terengganu, where he will stay close to this parents. Amazing. I want to let you know that, I will always love you my friend and you were in deep dark state before but now, thing are getting better for you. Amazing things happened to good great heart! Luv you. Always.

Well, that is all, nothing beats these two amazing news.

Assalamualaikum WBT

p/s: In shaa Allah, I will try to keep on updating this blog too. OKay?

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