Monday, 15 April 2013

The Contribution of Christianity towards English Language.

Assalamualaikum WBT,

I stopped at this in the last entry. So, I would like to continue on how English was influenced by Christian in terms of words absorbing. 

In year 597, Roman came back with a cross, meaning, they were doing missionaries to England. It was started in Kent. As we all know, Roman, Christian were using words from Latin and Greek and because of English language has this amazing talent of absorbing  and its appetite for layering had begun with what are called "loan words." 

Words such "angel", "mass","bishop", "altar", "minster", "abbess", "monk", "nun", "verse", there were a few Greek words slipped in English via Latin such as "alms","psalm","apostle","pope" and "school".

Christianity did not just bring new words added to the base of  English, but along with it, it brought arts. Hymns were written to give men and women the attractions that they need to trust and believe the belief. Faith is the main element here, and hymns were created to inspire and attract people. As wrote by Caedmon in his artwork.

" Nu scylun hergan hefaericaes uard, metudes maecti end his modgidanc...."

" Now we shall praise the Keeper of the Heavenly Kingdom, The power of the Lord of Destiny, and his imagination..."

This was the Northumbrian version from eighth-century manuscript. Language is important too, but another aspect that is far more important than the language is that, the faith that the Angles, Saxons, Jutes have in Christian. 

Because of English was the language that very understandable and absorb so many other words from other language that it encountered, somehow, English language become stronger and stronger. English language was used in Christianity and English would never be expelled or ignored again. 

Old English had found its home. It had fought bravely its way to pre-eminence in a new, rich and diverse country. The adventure was under way. 

Next time, I will share with you a few more. I will write this History of English only on Monday. Okay? Tomorrow would be on different topic, okay?

Assalamualaikum WBT

ref: Melvyn Bragg.

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